Annual Day Function




Our school transport system provides buses to different areas in Gurugram. The campus security staff members are supported by technical systems like surveillance cameras that meet the safety norms. Each bus is equipped with a First-Aid box to provide immediate treatment. No change in the route is entertained during the term, unless it is urgently required. Parents are requested to contact the transport in-charge for the relevant details.



In our school interscholastic sports and fitness is woven into the daily curriculum and it aims at providing balance to the body and mind of the students.

We offer opportunities for a vast range of games through sports facilities. The school is built around a beautifully maintained field for Skating, Basket Ball, Volley Ball and various indoor games.

Regular competitions and sports events are organized to develop the potential of the budding of GDSSS in their field of interest. The practice of Yogic postures, asanas not only enhances the concentration abilities and also helps to channelize energy positively. The school has won medals in various events of athletics, skating, judo, chess etc. at State levels and District levels. Inter school competitions are regular features in our school.



Parents, guardians will be issued identity cards and entry in the school will be restricted to cardholders only. Round the clock security has been provided at the school over the entire campus. Besides this, close circuit cameras are being used for security purposes.



Scholar certificates are awarded every year to meritorious students who secure the highest percentage in each class in the final exam. Merit and participation certificates are issued to students throughout a year for various activities, competition and assembly activities at theinter class, inter-house and inter-school  levels.

To recognize and appreciate the excellent academic achievement in each term and to encourage students to perform better, a Commendation Certificate is issued to deserving students of classes Nur.-XII.


Remedial Classes are organized during school hours and on selected holidays to help students remain at par with class students.



  1. The school library offers vast range of books and journals to the students. It serves as store house of information related to prescribed text books and beyond. Its purpose is to inculcate reading habit amongst students.


The school counselor is a specialist in child psychology and therefore plays a vital role in the development of those children who need special care and attention. we ensure that students have an option to share their troubles with someone other than their parents, who can guide them gently in the right direction.


Gyan Deep Sr. Sec. School is committed to meet the needs and thought process of sensitive brains of the children, so we provide a trained counselor. We conduct regular counseling sessions, occupational therapy sessions and workshops for the students, parents and teachers.


We at Gyan Deep ensure that all children get the individual attention they deserve so that we may identify their strengths and weaknesses and making each child a successful human being. The school is equally committed to the less fortunate and under-represented segments of the society


To recognize and appreciate the excellent academic achievement in each term and to encourage students to perform better, a Commendation Certificate is issued to deserving students of classes IV-XII.

Pure & safe water in which is pre tested for its quality through water coolers is made available to the students.  Apart from electricity supply from HSEB, stand by generators for regular supply are installed to take care of the students and staff. Adequate safeguards for climatic changes are being provided for them. The building is specially designed to provide sufficient natural light & fresh air from every corner and lush green pollution free surroundings very close to nature.


The auditorium of the school is equipped with modern audio-visual facilities with sufficient number of seats. The auditorium is used to host numerous events, ceremonies, annual day, award function and various intra and inter school competitions. we host plays, dances, music performances by the students which gave them a platform to showcase their talent.


Training in music helps parts of the brain and reduces stress. It also contributes towards easy learning. Our school encourages students to develop an appreciation to all forms of music.


Every student has a creative mind. At our Art studio, we help students to enhance their creative expression and cultivate an open mind


Dance is the most natural way to stay fit, Training at our school also aids students in the development of a value for discipline, commitment and self-confidence.


The skills of communication are best enhanced through theatre. It helps to flourish creativity, improve academics, and the means of self-expression.


The Hindi club was formed to work for the progress of Hindi language, create interest in the student for the language and to encourage their creativity in oral and writing skills.


We simplify the difficult mathematical concepts in our well equipped maths lab.


To spread awareness about the importance of computers, its versatility, we have couple of  well equipped computer lab in both the senior and junior wings.


Personality is what makes a person unique. The development of personality starts from the day a child is born. At our school we take full care to provide a nurturing environment and that inculcates good values and provides an opportunity to the child to develop a personality that will make him stand out in the crowd.


This profound words explain explicitly ,the importance of both, teachers and parents in the life of a child. Together they lay the foundation stone of the child’s future. We maintain a harmoniously delicate balance between home and school.


The Student Police Cadet Project is a school-based initiative by the Kerala Police. The project trains high school students to respect the laws, practice discipline and civic sense.


Practical approach leaves an indelible imprint on the child’s mind. The school has well equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories to ensure.

  • Hands on learning highest form of understanding.
  • Remembering and choosing inferences in much better way.


All the departments in our school have smart classrooms to facilitate efficient teaching and learning with fully equipped sophisticated technological gadgets.


School is very cautious about the safety and welfare of all staff and students First-Aid is immediately provided in case of any sickness.


The school arranges special classes for students who need extra coaching.


We have a canteen for students which serves variety of foods to students including beverages like juice and frooti


School has separate staff room for its faculty members teaching in Junior and Senior classes. It is a place where teachers share their views and learn from each other. It also provides them a zone of relaxation .


News & Updates

  • 11 Nov


    Thought of the day

    “Success is achieved and maintained by those who TRY and keep TRYING………..” – GDSSS

  • 11 Nov



    The transit will begin shortly after sunrise on the East Coast. By the time the sun rises on the West Coast. Mercury is set to make a transit across the sun on Monday morning for the last time until 2032. A pinprick of darkness will puncture a small hole in the sunlight as the planet traverses the solar disk during a 5.5-hour stretch, starting at 7:35 a.m. Eastern time. And while you won’t be able see it without protective glasses and heavy-duty telescope equipment, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy the show. NASA and the European Space Agency also will provide updates from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO).

  • 11 Nov


    Today’s Birthday

    Abul Kalam Azad was born on 11 November 1888 was an Indian scholar, independence activist,and a senior leader of the Indian National Congress during the Indian independence movement. Following India’s independence, he became the First Minister of Education in the Indian government Minister of Human Resource Development. His contribution to establishing the education foundation in India is recognized by celebrating his birthday as “National Education Day” across India. Azad became the leader of the Khilafat Movement, during which he came into close contact with the Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi.
    Bharat Ratna
    GDSSS pays tribute to him….

  • 04 Apr



    Dear Parent

    A wholesome education teaches the virtues of discipline & punctuality as much as alphabets and algebra.
    Only our joint efforts can inculcate in our children a respectful approach towards time.

    We seek your cooperation in helping the child reach school well in time. It has been reiterated many a time in the past that students must reach school before the reporting time i.e. 7:25 a.m.
    School gates shall be closed at 7:35 a.m. beyond which students shall not be allowed to enter the premises.

    Dear parent, we are building responsible citizens for tomorrow. Let us start it with simple steps.

    Your cooperation is solicited.

    Thanks and Regards

  • 22 Sep


    Examination Tips

    Give yourself the best chance with these top ten study tips.

    • Give yourself enough time to study. Don’t leave it until the last minute. …
    • Organize your study space. …
    • Time management: allot time to each question as per their marks. Attempt in that time frame only.
    • Underline/Highlight important aspects of answers.
    • Use flow charts and diagrams. …
    • Practice last 5 years question papers of CBSE….
    • Discuss your answers with fellow students. …
    • Organize study groups with friends. …
    • Take regular breaks. …
    • Snack on ‘brain food’